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Built Skylines across the world

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016

Attractiveness is something that is well discovered when you see and examine something like huge towers, buildings etc and the amount of light that they generate crafts a very subjective thing. Beauty is quite a biased thing subject and everyone has a different perception of defining beauty. As long as beauty of a city and its architecture is concerned, normally people have similar views about it. The idea of a skyline is also pretty subjective and depends on how it is perceived by all. As per a recent survey about the beautiful monuments and places to visit all around the world, people also came across selecting their favorite and most beautiful skylines of the world. No matter how different answers were discovered, but they all had one thing in common. They are impressive, attention-grabbing and a beauty of architecture. Well, there were many names and after selecting their answers, top 5 most beautifully built skylines were selected and it is discussed asunder.
Shenzhen, China: The main reason of this beautiful skyline is the immense population growth of p
eople. Cities with more than 10 million of residents and that the total number of cities have a sum population like that of a city in China. A city like Shenzhen with a dull riverside has millions of people and around 23 buildings that are even more than 650 ft tall.
Frankfurt, Germany: They are different than America, Asia and Middle East because the Europeans do not display out extreme level of affluence among all. This is the reason that it is the only skyline in the continent and this also gives birth to the list that is Frankfurt am Main which is the main financial hub of Europe. This is the only place with stunning glass tower skyline.
Macau, SAR in China: China is actually a very populous country, as we have already discussed and it comprises of great buildings and towers. Macau is a tiny place like Vegas and the beauty of Vegas has been inspired from the big structures and architecture named under Wynn, MGM and sands. It also has a 47 storey Grand Lisbokualalumpura hotel that often neglects the giant fan of Pearl River.
Vancouver, BC, Canada: It is a dense, vertical and straight down to the downtown and this city is really quite famous as it is usually used in movies to get an image of New York City as people do not really get to differentiate between the two. The condo towers are a little artistic but the site view and the spot at which it is present makes it one of the most beautiful skylines of the world.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: It is an extra to the Michael Jordan previous to the Scottie Pippen of skylines that is only a one-man made team, but if you want to look at one man created group, it better be Christ. The image of the Redeemer statue of Christ which assembles at the top Corcovado mountains is just the best and this skyline is the world’s most stunning masterpiece.


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Beautiful Built Skylines across the world

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016


What is a reason behind a beautiful cityscape? It is not essentially a case of showy towering skyscrapers constructed by the well-known architects. Here are some of the most conspicuous skylines that capture the life and soul of the world’s greatest cities.

Ever since man walked upon the face of the Earth, we’ve been attempting to construct things as high as we tend to presumably will. Though it’s going to be as a result of we tend to run genuinely out of a horizontal area and are left with no choices, it looks that for the foremost half our primary motivation stems from our egos. Over the course of the last century, the title of world’s tallest building has modified hands various times and cities nowadays are still attempting to at least one up one another. This isn’t continuously a nasty issue, particularly for those of you; get pleasure from sight-seeing. And if you embrace yourself therein class this your lucky day because from New York to Hong Kong these are many stunning skylines within the world. Following are some most beautiful built Skylines across the world.

  1. Shanghai, China

Nearly 24 million people are living; Shanghai is the most famous city in the world. It’s away from a huge building affluent since the early 1990s. There are almost 7,000 enormous buildings of more than 11 stories created in the past 20 years. The tallest skyscraper is Shanghai World Financial Center at 101 stories, but maybe the most idiosyncratic structure is the Oriental Pearl Tower, a TV tower with LED-lightened spheres.

  1. New York City, USA

It is considered as the most cultural capital of the world. New York can manage a skyline easily familiar by almost everyone in the world. The crown jewel of this impressive Empire State Building built in 1930. It contains 102 stories over the midtown Manhattan. The new One World Trade Center, located in the economic district, was completed recently, and now it is the tallest building in the city with 104 stories.

  1. London, England

Though London lacks the leviathans of most of the other cities on this list, its skyline isn’t any less idiosyncratic. The design in London spans centuries — from historical sites like Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, and Tower Bridge, to a lot of modern and elegant structures just like the London Eye, the Gherkin, and also the Shard — and may be a charming way to trace the event of one of the Western world’s urban world power.

  1. Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, there are a lot of diverse and often scarce skyscrapers. Huge, silver spires reaching high into the sky over the Persian Gulf. Dubai is home to a lot of completed skyscrapers more than 820ft than the other town within the world. The most famous tower of Dubai, has its great reputation,    is the BurjKhalifa, the tallest manufactured structure within the world. It contains 163 floors topping out at 1,918ft. However, the tip of its tower reaches 2,722ft

  1. Singapore

It is beautiful island based city-state, Singapore is the fourth-largest economic center in the world. Its largest buildings are located in the remarkable history of the city, with Republic Plaza with 66 stories. However, even more, inspiring is Marina Bay Sands, which is the classiest and expensive building in the world at $5.7 billion.


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Beautiful Built Skylines across the world

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015

Attractiveness is very well discovered from examining and seeing the huge towers, statues and buildings full of light that create a very subjective thing. And many cities in the world that people think are beautiful even though they look like spoiled space aliens, our thoughts about what creates a pretty skyline are, glowing attractive subjective.

Shenzhen, China
The obsession concerning China is, there is a huge population of people. As cities with 10 million residents that many other countries have a total population as that of the city in China, Like Shenzhen, a once drowsy riverside town twisted major financial player that today boasts millions of occupant and 23 buildings over 650ft-tall.

Frankfurt, Germany

Dissimilar to Americans, Asians, and Middle Eastern oil’s refinery’s owner, Europeans are not so well extreme displays of civic prosperity. Which is why the only skyline on the continent to create this list is Frankfurt am Main, the main economic center in Europe and additional or a smaller amount the only European city with an intimidating glass tower skyline? Also, it’s the place of birth of the hot dog.

Macau, SAR, China

Keep in mind that time China was a collective country and if the version of Las Vegas is in mind, one can create that whole thing by itself goodbye. And that what specifically Macau is: a tiny Vegas-like island city inspired by big, brilliant structure with names like Wynn, MGM, and Sands, plus the 47-story Grand Lisboa hotel that overlook like a giant fan of the Pearl River.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver’s opaque, perpendicular or straight down to downtown is frequently used in movies to replicate New York City, since to the inexpert eye is not able to differentiate, and it can be hard to tell the difference. The condo towers don’t present much in the way of artistic, but their site and the spot at the bottom of a mountain range and the Landmark Lookout Tower create this one of the prettiest and energetic skylines in the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is additional or not as much of the Michael Jordan previous to Scottie Pippen of skylines, that is; it’s a one-man created team. But if you are willing to have one man created group, that man force as well be Jesus Christ.

The images Christ the Redeemer statue, which assemble at top Corcovado Mountain fail to see this city of 6.4 million on Guanabara Bay, take the show. Unite it with observation and sight of the water and mountains, and this skyline is motionless one of the world’s most good-looking.

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Salt Lake City Skyline

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015

Salt Lake CitySkyscrapers and unique buildings have always been a particular fascination of mine.  No matter where I travel to,  I like to take the time (whenever possible) to tour the area and find the most unique buildings and structures.  Recently, I traveled to Salt Lake for a convention at the Salt Palace and took it upon myself to research some of the cities’ largest buildings.  Transportation around Salt Lake is a breeze compared to most major cities, which made it quite easy to get a glimpse of the tallest buildings in SLC possible in an afternoon.  While Salt Lake City isn’t necessarily known for its high-rises, much like almost any city, it had several fairly tall and interesting buildings to note.

         The Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo

Although the LDS Church building’s roof is taller due to its placement on the hill,  the tallest building in both Salt Lake and the state of Utah is the Wells Fargo Center.  The building was built in 1998, stands 422 feet tall and has a total of 24 stories.  It was originally built to be the corporate headquarters for American Stores.   The building was later purchased by Wasatch Property Management and renamed the Wells Fargo Center.  Several floors of the building are occupied by Well Fargo, as well as numerous law firms throughout the building.

The LDS Office Building

LDS Church Building

The second-tallest building in Salt Lake is the LDS Church Office Building.  This building was completed in 1972, stands 420 feet tall, and is 28 stories with an observation deck on the 26th floor which on a clear day, offers an exceptional view of the surrounding city and Salt Lake valley.

Observation Deck

Fun Fact: The original plans for the LDS Church building called for it to be 38 stories tall, one story for every year that church organizer, Joseph Smith had lived.  Due to the feasibility of plumbing and heating, caused the plans to be revised to 30 stories, and then down to the 28 stories that we see today.

111 South Main


Although not currently built, 111 South Main will be Salt Lake City’s 3rd tallest building.   After doing some research on I found that the building is slated to be 380 feet tall, and will feature 24 stories of column-free office space. Other key features include LEED Gold Efficiency Certification, a 35 foot tall glass lobby windows, floor to ceiling glass windows, and the Eccles theater next door which will feature Broadway Caliber shows.


99 West Tower at City Creek Center

Standing at 375 feet tall, 99 West is Utah’s tallest residential tower.  The building, which contains 30 floors of residential space, was built in 2010 as part of the City Creek Mall downtown redevelopment plan.

This building is also LEED Gold Certified and features a grand lobby on the main floor, 3 high speed elevators, and a Social Room that is equipped with a catering kitchen and fireplace.

Condominium units go for as much as $2,500,000 and feature private patios with glass balcony railings, offering a birds-eye view of Salt Lake and the City Creek Center below.  They also feature open floor plans, 9-foot ceilings, and hardwood flooring.  Bathrooms feature slab marble counter-tops with frame-less European-styled glass shower enclosures.

The Key Bank Tower at City Creek


Formerly known as the Beneficial Life Tower, The Key Bank Tower stands 351 feet tall and features 27 floors of Commercial Office Space.  The building was originally built in 1976, but was remodeled as part of the City Creek development project.  The project involved eliminated the parking garage and converting the base of the tower into a glass food court for both building tenants and mall guests.

One Utah Center


One of Utah’s most stylish skyscrapers is the One Utah Building.  It was built by the Boyer Company in 1991 and stands 350 feet tall.  The exterior of the building is constructed of granite and glass and features 24 stories of premium office space.


Beneficial Financial Group Tower

Originally known as the Gateway Tower West, The Beneficial Financial Group Tower was constructed in 1998, stands 335 feet tall and features 20 stories of office space.  The building was envisioned as part of a new urban ensemble, alongside the Zions Bank Tower, forming a portal to Salt Lake’s central business district to the LDS Church Campus.

The Grand America Hotel


The Grand America is Utah’s only 5 diamond hotel.  It was constructed in 2001 and is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.  The main building stands 249 feet, but reaches a total of 328 feet with the cupola and flag pole that sits atop the building.


The facade of the hotel is covered in over 300,000 square feet of Vermont White Granite.  The interior features Venetian and Milanese Chandeliers as well as all-wool carpets imported from England.  The hotel features a total of 775 rooms and suites, numerous conference rooms and meeting centers, a full service spa,[6] outdoor and indoor pools, exercise facilities, a bar, full-service restaurant, and a lounge area.

Other Buildings of Interest:

The Salt Lake City and County Building


Constructed in 1894, the Salt Lake City and County Building stands 256 feet tall at the top of the statue of Columbia, which stands at the top of the clock tower.  The building remains Utah’s 14th tallest building to date.   The building served as the state capitol when Utah was granted statehood in 1896 until the current capitol was constructed in 1896.

At the time of its construction, the building went well over budget.  The building was originally estimated to cost $350,000 but by the time of the building’s dedication on December 28, 1894, costs had nearly reached $900,000.  Due to this and the panic of 1893, plans for large stained glass windows for the building were cut from the designs.

The building features 5 floors and over 100 rooms.  The 3rd floor houses the mayor’s office in the south wing and the city council chamber on the north.  Also featured on the floor is an exhibit commemorating the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

Onyx lines the halls of each floor. The exterior of the building is made of carved Utah Kyune Sandstone.  Many of statues lining the grounds had gone missing but were replaced during the building’s renovation in 1989.

LDS Temple

The Salt Lake LDS Temple

One of the top tourist attractions in Salt Lake City is Temple Square, which features the LDS Temple as its centerpiece.   The Salt Lake temple was dedicated in 1893 and took over 40 years to complete.  During the time it took to construct, the St. George, Logan, and Manti Utah temples were all started and completed.

The exterior of the temple is made from quartz monzonite which was mined from the nearby Cottonwood Canyon. It is the church’s largest temple with an estimated 253,000 square feet. The towers of the temple reach 223 feet in height, making the Temple the 26th tallest building in Utah.

While the Temple Square grounds are open to the public, the Temple is only open to members of the church who have received what is called a “Temple Recommend.”

Failed Plans:

Much like the Granby Tower, the Gehtry project was to feature a mixed use development which was to feature a 450ft tall hotel at the center, making it Utah’s new tallest building.  The project was slated to be built at the point of the mountain in Lehi Utah, about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City.

The  85-acre development was also to feature a man-made lake and was to be a multi-billion dollar project.  Zoning was approved to move forward with the project by Lehi’s City Council.  However, the plans fell through after Frank Gehtry essentially vanished to California, presumably due to the market crash in 2008.

Although, the Gehtry project is presumed dead, talks have begun to speculate from the mayor of Draper for a development which is now the State Penitentiary into a development featuring “multiple 50 story buildings.”  If the mayor get his wish, these building could surpass the tallest in Salt Lake by at least 300 feet.

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Granby Tower

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015

Every big city has a couple of huge skyscrapers that make it what it is, and Norfolk is no different. This city in Virginia has a lot of big buildings that fire up the skyline of this great city, but one of them takes the top on the list of skyscrapers that could have been the most beautiful ones, and that is the Granby Tower.

L_IMAGEOriginally, there were supposed to be two Granby Towers in Norfolk, but the investor eventually decided on building only one of them. This tower was meant to be the tallest one in this city, with 31 stories, and the height f 137 meters. This was supposed to be one of the biggest skyscrapers, nit only in Norfolk, but also in all the surrounding cities, but the fate didn’t allow that. The construction of this project was stopped in 2009 due to the Global Economic Crisis that especially hit the United Stets of America, and that brought with it the crisis in the real estate market.

This cancelled skyscraper was going to be built out of concrete as its structural material, and with pile foundation as its foundation system. The façade of this marvelous building was to be made out of pure aluminum, with a curtain wall as its façade system. The color of this façade was meant to be blue, and the entire building was seen a a shining example of postmodernist architectural style.

This skyscraper was going to be a residential condominium, with 31 stories of pure luxury. The apartments were meant to be classy and at the very top in terms of everything, but unfortunately, it never came to be. Also, this skyscraper was meant to have a side usage in the form of its own parking lot.


The place where this marvelous building was to be is now only a construction site with not much to look at. It is located, as we have already stated, in the City of Norfolk, in the State of Virginia. The address of this place stands at 515 Granby Street, within the Granby Towers Complex, in the Downtown of the City of Norfolk.

The most accurate technical data regarding this building state that it was meant to be exactly 137.16 meters high, with 31 stories full of apartments. Apart from that, it was also supposed to have its own parking lot, with 525 parking spaces on it. Unfortunately, this skyscraper, whose construction started in 2007, was already ended in 2009 due to the Global Economic Crisis and the Crisis in the Real Estate Market in the United States of America. Regrettably, such things happen, and the worst thing about it is the fact that it happened with a building that was supposed to be one of the most beautiful buildings, not only in Norfolk, Virginia, but also in the entire United States of America.

granbytoweranimationfinal (1)

As we have seen, sometimes the crisis can make a city lose some of its attractiveness, and in this case, something that was yet to be the most attractive thing in this city. However, the world goes on, and all we can do is hope that a new building will take its place, and shine up the skyline of the City of Norfolk.

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