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Granby Tower

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015

Every big city has a couple of huge skyscrapers that make it what it is, and Norfolk is no different. This city in Virginia has a lot of big buildings that fire up the skyline of this great city, but one of them takes the top on the list of skyscrapers that could have been the most beautiful ones, and that is the Granby Tower.

L_IMAGEOriginally, there were supposed to be two Granby Towers in Norfolk, but the investor eventually decided on building only one of them. This tower was meant to be the tallest one in this city, with 31 stories, and the height f 137 meters. This was supposed to be one of the biggest skyscrapers, nit only in Norfolk, but also in all the surrounding cities, but the fate didn’t allow that. The construction of this project was stopped in 2009 due to the Global Economic Crisis that especially hit the United Stets of America, and that brought with it the crisis in the real estate market.

This cancelled skyscraper was going to be built out of concrete as its structural material, and with pile foundation as its foundation system. The façade of this marvelous building was to be made out of pure aluminum, with a curtain wall as its façade system. The color of this façade was meant to be blue, and the entire building was seen a a shining example of postmodernist architectural style.

This skyscraper was going to be a residential condominium, with 31 stories of pure luxury. The apartments were meant to be classy and at the very top in terms of everything, but unfortunately, it never came to be. Also, this skyscraper was meant to have a side usage in the form of its own parking lot.


The place where this marvelous building was to be is now only a construction site with not much to look at. It is located, as we have already stated, in the City of Norfolk, in the State of Virginia. The address of this place stands at 515 Granby Street, within the Granby Towers Complex, in the Downtown of the City of Norfolk.

The most accurate technical data regarding this building state that it was meant to be exactly 137.16 meters high, with 31 stories full of apartments. Apart from that, it was also supposed to have its own parking lot, with 525 parking spaces on it. Unfortunately, this skyscraper, whose construction started in 2007, was already ended in 2009 due to the Global Economic Crisis and the Crisis in the Real Estate Market in the United States of America. Regrettably, such things happen, and the worst thing about it is the fact that it happened with a building that was supposed to be one of the most beautiful buildings, not only in Norfolk, Virginia, but also in the entire United States of America.

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As we have seen, sometimes the crisis can make a city lose some of its attractiveness, and in this case, something that was yet to be the most attractive thing in this city. However, the world goes on, and all we can do is hope that a new building will take its place, and shine up the skyline of the City of Norfolk.

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